I don’t know what was wrong with this thing…..

31 03 2009

Ok I don’t know what was wng with my Blog (or computer) but I posted 3 posts and all three of them did not publish, and now I can’t find them anywhere!!!  SUPER FRUSTRATING!!!

Well I will quickly summarize… We had a SUPER vacation to Galliano Island, the dogs had a blast and Rob Taryn and I all came back VERY relaxed!!!  The cabin was right on the ocean in the middle of a private bay with only 3 homes on it.  The view from the porch was amazing!!!  It looked as though the house was floating on the water.  Rob and I were only there for 20 min. before we started planning our next trip.

When we got back it was back to the grind.  Rob has been working non stop, weather it be at work or side jobs at home.  He has not been around much, but on the plus side, he is half way to paying for the black top for his driveway!!!  How nice will that be?  No more mud being tracked into the house!!!  We were home for about a week when we found a tick on each of the dogs, a quick trip to the vet and they were removed, but now we have to wait to hear if they carried lime disease, and if they did…. another big bill at the vet!  Crossing our fingers they are free of disease!!!

I have had some time to play since we got back and have come up with a few cute cards.  I would love to hear what you think of them, leave me a little note giving your opinion!



Well hopefully this post posts!!!

Till next time, Have a great day!



A Post Before We Go!

12 03 2009

I am super excited, Rob and I are taking Taryn and the dogs to Galiano Island this weekend!!  It is going to be so much fun, we are staying at one of Rob’s coworkers cabins, right on the water!!!  I am sure we will take lots of pictures, so I will post some when we are back!!

wedding invite, windsorBefore I go I thought I would post a picture of a wedding invitation I made for a submission to Brides magazine I did last month.  The invite has my name on it since it was just for demo purposes, but this is an example of one of the MANY wedding invitation styles I make. I am just starting to use Photoshop Elements to create my invitations, and am really liking what it can do.  For this card, the brown demask is actually a Photoshop element that I altered to work for this project!  You can’t tell in the picture, but every layer is made of shimmery cardstock, and the text is embossed!!

I have made all sorts of wedding invitations, some with pockets, some with paper wraps, and some with stamped images on them, I really can customize to exactly what you want!!!  If you are interested in having me help you make your own wedding invitations email me at Stampcrazy82@hotmail.com.

Well I am off to go pack, I’ll post again soon!


Diaper Cakes

12 03 2009

I promised you I would upload a picture of one of my diaper cakes, so here it is!taryn-1552 This one is made with a little girl in mind and would sell for $68.  There are  approximately 44 diapers in this cake, 3 recieving blankets, a soother, a brush and comb set, a teddy bear, a fork and spoon set, 5 Johnson’s baby care products including head to toe bath soap, baby powder, shampoo, lotion and Penaten cream and three wash cloths.  Email me if you want more info, or to order a cake of your own. Stampcrazy82@hotmail.com



My First Post ~ A Little Bit About Me!

11 03 2009

Ok so here goes nothing….. I have officially set up my own blog and I HOPE I have enough time to make it interesting for you all!!

Background:  I have been crafting my whole life, but have been overly excited about card making for about 6 years now.  I love glitter, stamping, and watercolouring.  My very own Big Shot came home with me last week and already, I can’t live with out it!!!  I sell Stampin’ Up! supplies, but mostly only so I can get my supplies at a discounted price.  I LOVE Scrap n’ Stamp.ca and WISH I HAD MORE MONEY so I could get everything on the site.  But until I win the lottery, I will start my wish list and accumulate ‘things’ slowly!

On November 4th, 2008 at 8:25am I gave birth to my Beautiful Baby Girl, Taryn.  At birth she weighed 6lbs, 7oz and was 19.5 inches long.  She is the most amazing baby!!!  She has slept through the night since she was 4 weeks old, not that I should be surprised because the first night in the hospital she slept 4 hours, woke up to eat and then went back just the three of us!!to sleep for another 4 hours!!!  Until about 2 weeks ago Taryn was a very social little girl and then all of a sudden she decided to ‘make strange’ and now is only happy with Mommy or Daddy  I sure hope that ends soon!!!  I have 2, that’s right 2, yellow labs!!  Abby, the mom, will be 5 in August, and Clutch, her baby, turned 1 on February 4th.  I know I am crazy, 2 large dogs and a baby all at the same time!!  There are definitely days where it is just too much for me, the dogs want a walk, Taryn needs my attention 24/7, and Rob (that’s my hubby) is busy taking care of the house, the cars and the bills!!!  For the most part, however, it is awesome having 2 dogs around that love my little girl as much as I do!  Abby checks up on Taryn when she is napping, and Clutch, well Clutch is quick to give her a bath if she is getting ‘messy’, mmmmmm baby drool!!!!  Taryn LOVES her puppies too, she likes to go for horsey rides on their backs and enjoys petting them and pulling their hair.

On top of it all I have started a number of new projects.  After all I need something to fill my time while I am home on MAT leave.  So first I have taken on the role of design team coordinator for Scrapnstamp.ca. This is an amazing little online scrapbook store close to my house (around the corner to be exact) that my mom opened a year or so ago!  I get so excited every time I go over there because there is always something new to check out!!  I have also started three little side projects of my own.  Together with my friend Carly, I have started to make and sell Diaper Cakes.  these are the cutest little things, and they make fabulous baby shower presents.  I will post a few pictures soon, so you can see what they look like.  I also make and sell my cards, why not right??  it gives me a purpose behind my crafting and gives me a little money in return to help pay for all my stuff!  I am also starting to sell my hand made wedding invitations.  I have created custom invitations for a number of my friends and have now finally decided that I would like to do it for money!!!

You are probably wondering how, with so much on my plate, do I find time to craft?  Well that is simple… I don’t sleep!!!  No really, I put Taryn to bed around 8:00 and then spend a few hours hanging out with Rob.  By 11:00 Rob is off to bed and then I have a few hours to veg in my craft room and create!!  I normally hit the hay around 1:30, and then am up again the next morning around 7:00 (5:00 the last few days) to feed the baby!  Luckily for me Taryn goes back to sleep after her morning feed  and usually stays asleep until about 10:00.  It is a little crazy I know, to stay up so late and craft, but I love to do it and am the most productive at night, and hey a  girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, right?!?!?

Well, now that I have shared my story with you, and the baby has awoke from her nap I will have to let you go, but Don’t you fret I will be back, hopefully often, to share with you what is new in my life!!