I don’t know what was wrong with this thing…..

31 03 2009

Ok I don’t know what was wng with my Blog (or computer) but I posted 3 posts and all three of them did not publish, and now I can’t find them anywhere!!!  SUPER FRUSTRATING!!!

Well I will quickly summarize… We had a SUPER vacation to Galliano Island, the dogs had a blast and Rob Taryn and I all came back VERY relaxed!!!  The cabin was right on the ocean in the middle of a private bay with only 3 homes on it.  The view from the porch was amazing!!!  It looked as though the house was floating on the water.  Rob and I were only there for 20 min. before we started planning our next trip.

When we got back it was back to the grind.  Rob has been working non stop, weather it be at work or side jobs at home.  He has not been around much, but on the plus side, he is half way to paying for the black top for his driveway!!!  How nice will that be?  No more mud being tracked into the house!!!  We were home for about a week when we found a tick on each of the dogs, a quick trip to the vet and they were removed, but now we have to wait to hear if they carried lime disease, and if they did…. another big bill at the vet!  Crossing our fingers they are free of disease!!!

I have had some time to play since we got back and have come up with a few cute cards.  I would love to hear what you think of them, leave me a little note giving your opinion!



Well hopefully this post posts!!!

Till next time, Have a great day!





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