You’re NOT Going to Believe This……

22 05 2009

Hi all, I don’t know if you have noticed but there has been nothing new on my blog for a few days!!!  Well you are not going to believe the reason why!  I went out Sunday morning over to my Mom’s place (AKA Kate from Scrap ‘n Stamp).  We had planned a Design Team get together over there so everyone could play with the `new stuff`.  Well I came home just before supper time, and was unpacking my truck, when I went to open the door to my craft room and to my surprise the door would not open!!??!!  I put down everything I was carrying, and managed to push the door open a crack, and what would you know… the desk to ceiling shelves I had up with ALL MY CRAFTING SUPPLIES had fallen off the wall.  There was craft crap EVERYWHERE!!!!  Holding back the tears I called my Hubby over to see what had happened, and do you know what he said?   And I quote “Well, I guess we didn’t hit studs after all hey Hunny??”  Ok so let this be a lesson to me, MY STUD… not so good at finding studs!!!!

Well there is a bright side to this story!  For Mother’s Day (my first ever) my Dad wanted to buy me something I really needed!  He said I should spoil myself… So after trying to book a massage at the spa with my mom and finding out that they were all booked up until the end of June, Mom and I decided to go shopping!!  Every gal loves shopping right??  We set out Monday morning with out a destination in mind, and quickly found en route to Ikea.  What does this all have to do with my craft room you ask?  Well it turns out that Dad bought me NEW SHELVES for my craft room.  I picked out some very lovely upper kitchen cabinets (with out the doors) which I must say are VERY reasonably priced.  With new cabinets in hand (or trunk in this case) we called my Hubby and Dad to see if they would be able to put them up for me…. they agreed to do it that night!!!  Do you believe it?  Mom and I raced home to clear out the craft room, we worked as fast as we could to clear the room so teh guys could work, and with in 4 hours, including a dinner break, my craftroom was revamped and better then ever!

Now as nice as it is to get all new shelving in my craft room (and let me tell you it is AMAZING!!!) the job of putting everything back into my craft room was not so great!  It took me a full 48hours, with my hubby staying home from work, to get everything back in there.  I decided that since it was all out, I may as well sift through it and see if there was anything I coulod purge.  I managed to pull out a few stamp sets I had not used in YEARS, blew the dust off their containers, and set them aside for sale on Craig’s List.  I reorganized my embellies, and sorted through my scraps, and managed to take out 2 boxes of recycling ( I recycle everything) and one large bag of garbage… I even found a brand new ink carterage for my old printer (oh well I guess that is going on Craigs list too!)

The only thing I forgot to do in my panic during the ‘exploded craft room episode’ was take a picture of the wreckage!  It’s too bad too, it was quite the sight!

Any way I thought I would share a picture of the ‘project’ I have been working on, it may not be a card or scrapbook page to inspire you, but it may inspire a little clean up, and reorganization (and inspection of your shelving)in your craft room!


Above: The new shelves!  Don’t they look GREAT??!!

Below: A few of the ‘old shelves’ revamped and this time attached to the studs!

These are UNDER the desk to utilize all of the wall space in my room!


Until Next Time,

Happy Crafting!